Today is probably the first day of 2019 that your entire team is back at work. As you start to think about the year ahead, resolve to become a positive disruptor – someone who brings positive changes to your workplace. Why? First of all, your employer needs you to be making positive changes. To the extent that better internal processes get put in place, more resources can be devoted toward things that really matter like growing the firm or getting ahead of the competition. There’s a personal reason as well. Who knows what changes 2019 will bring? Perhaps your company will be acquired, perhaps a reorganization of some sort. There are countless possible changes that could result in your resume or LinkedIn profile being compared with those of other people with similar backgrounds. You want to be the one that stands out – the “gold fish’ who gets noticed. Change agents – positive disruptors – have accomplishments that allow them to stand apart from the other people, the other resumes, the other “fish” in the sea.