Packed with true stories and real-life examples, Joanna’s sessions focus on exposing participants to new ideas that are immediately actionable

Any of these topics can be customized in a 60 – 75 minute keynote speech or facilitated in a half-day workshop.

I used your advice and incorporated technical analysis in my presentation to the prospect on Monday and they were on the edge of their seats… It’s always a good sign when the [prospect]… whispers, “this is fantastic information”.
Mike Schwartz, Image Systems

  1. A Guide to Positive Disruption: Find and Implement Constructive Changes that Help Your Company and Yourself

    This session is designed for people who want to improve their impact at work or in their personal lives.

    Business change is often out of our control and can be very distracting. But turmoil also creates opportunity. In this session, learn how to forge through the distractions of workplace upheavals by creating a personal toolkit of skills to help you weather the storms of mergers, acquisitions and general business churn. With that behind you, learn how to develop ideas for making beneficial improvements in your company. Become a change agent – a positive disruptor – by finding opportunities and strategizing how you will sell them. With some stakeholder analysis and a few simple negotiation tools, you can dissect the roles of various stakeholders and plan how to approach them with your ideas.

    In the half-day workshop, you’ll also develop a Day One plan for when you return to the office by discussing actual “best practice” case studies from the field and adapting the success of others to your particular corporate culture. You’ll walk away with a strategy for the right areas to tackle, the right people to engage, how to approach them, and how to be prepared for success.

  2. Creating a Culture of Positive Disruption: Ideas for Managers

    This session is designed for managers who want to create a culture where their teams feel empowered to be change agents.

    Your teams may be charged up and ready to disrupt but if you’re not ready to accept their ideas for improvements it will all quickly fall apart. And they may be a mix of Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and few Baby Boomers – how do you lead people in different stages of their lives with different goals to all become positive disruptors? In this session, you’ll learn how to adapt your own natural actions to do what is necessary to draw the best out of the people with whom you are working. Once you’ve fine-tuned your approach you can use the elements of positive disruption to guide them on the path to success.

  3. Closing the Deal: A Primer for Sales

    Question for sales professionals: Do you want to improve your success in closing the deal? Have you ever wanted to get inside the heads of the people sitting on the other side of the table? Taught from the perspective of people who have worked on both sales and as professional buyers, this session is about what sellers need to know to be listened to and to improve their chances of landing the deal.

    Learn about important differentiators, find your “Spark”, and learn the worst thing to say at a pitch. Find out what the buyers really need – and its very different from those answers you’ve put in your RFP response.

  4. Negotiation Tips and Tricks: Lessons from the Front Lines

    Some of us have the word negotiation in our job descriptions, others will never have to create a business deal. But every day, at work and at home, each of us winds up trying to reach agreement with someone else in some way. Whether its for a curfew extension, a promotion, or a big sale, negotiation touches everyone and we’d all benefit from improving our skills in this space.

    “It’s all about the planning”. This talk covers some of the elements you need to think about before you begin to negotiate, and then identifies potential obstacles and how to surmount them. Peppered with real-life examples, this session is guaranteed to give you a new perspective and some new tips for being better able to “think on your feet” when obstacles come your way. You’ll laugh a little at some of actual case studies, but you’ll also leave with some new strategies for success the next time you seek to get what you want.

  5. Create Your Own

    Organizations are all at different levels of maturity with different business pressures. That’s why you can design your own course to focus on the skills gaps or knowledge goals specific to your team. Contact to discuss customizing a seminar that best fits your needs. If we don’t have a solution ourselves, we may at least be able to connect you with someone in our network.

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